Friday, October 23, 2009


We will only get what we want out of life...and must therefore choose very carefully. Knowing why we were created and for what purpose makes this task less challenging and more enjoyable. Connecting with our unique purpose and calling is not as difficult as most people think; as a matter of fact our purpose is always tied into the things we are very critical about doing well.
Purpose allows us to be in a career and lifestyle that interests us, which affords us to be successful in what we do not only because we make a lot of "MONEY" doing it...but because we make a rewarding "LIFE" at it, by touching and impacting other lives. Over the years I have come to realize that my purpose is bigger than I am; and it also includes and involved a lot more people than I ever imagined.
Fulfilling our purpose means that we will be engaging in diverse relationships...we need to be cautious about entering into these relationships. Enter relationships that is worthy of everything you are morally,physically, mentally and you will then be able to add value. Remember that it is in giving that we received and we should never depend on anyone to make our life easy or happy for us; only we can do that for ourselves..and we should take responsibility for it.
One of my favorite poems is one by Rosemary DePaolis.

Title: Never stop believing in your dreams:
Goals are dreams and wishes that are not easily reached.
You have to work hard to obtain them, then never knowing when or where you will reach your goal. But keep trying ! Do not give up hope.
And most of all..never stop believing in yourself.
For within you there is someone special.... someone wonderful and successful.
No matter what you achieve, as long as you want it and it makes you happy...
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